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Is it free to submit a guest post to Acrobatic School?

Yes, it is 100% free. But we only accept guest posts about acrobatics and gymnastics. For example, you may write about “The best Youtube channels to learn acrobatics for kids”.

Do you have to be an acrobatic teacher to contribute a post?

No, you do not. While we expect all guest posts to be about the sport, you do not have to be an expert. You just have to be passionate about acrobatics!

Do you check if the content is plagiarised?
Yes, we do. We strictly do not allowed any plagiarised content. We require all editors to write about acrobatics without copy-pasting from anyone else. 1
If the guest post is successful, are there opportunities for future collaborations?

If you are a SEO consultant or editor, yes we are looking for long-term partners! We love working with people who are passionate about contributing to our blogs. Not just for acrobatics but perhaps music & fitness too. Collaborating is very important in writing!2

Acrobatic School Team

Acrobatic School Team

We review all guest posting ideas

We are the Acrobatic School team! Please fill up the contact form above. We review all ideas and will get back within a week.

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