Acro dance classes

Today, there are many different styles of dance that are being practiced all over the world. Dance is a very fluid craft in which its genres are not set on stone. Different genres of dance keep on rising every time. It may be a combination of many other genres that are already existing.

One of the famous dance styles that have been around ever since the 1900s is acro dance. It is a combination of classical techniques like ballet, jazz, and modern dance styles. It is a combination of classical dance moves and different movements like cartwheels, aerials, handsprings, splits, and even bending.

It requires great physical control and discipline that can be learned in acro dancer classes. Acro is meant to improve the art side of dance and provide dancers a wider avenue for self-expression. Anyone, no matter what age, can start learning acro dance because there are many acro classes for beginners.

Why learn acro?

Acro may not be as known as ballet and gymnastics alone but it has gained its well-deserved popularity over the years. This is because it is a unique dance style that has many benefits once you enroll and engage in acro dance classes. Aside from the joy of learning a new dance style, enrolling in acro classes for beginners also improves your athletic ability through the training. Acro classes for beginners aim to develop core strength, flexibility, balance, and control. This dance genre is also said to be always interesting with combinations of leaps, turns, and power ticks in your acro dance classes.

However, similar to any dance style, acro dance has risks. This is why the process of choosing acro dance classes for beginners should be thorough. In your acro classes for beginners session, they should have licensed instructors and proper equipment like safety mats.

6 Benefits of acro dance

#1 A new style of dance

Although it has been around for a good number of years, it is still relatively new compared to more classic styles like ballet. With this, you can always expect unique choreography and approaches to dance. The new combination of classical techniques and more modern techniques is one of the things to look forward to in your acro dance classes.

#2 Improves Strength

Not only will acro dance classes improve your self-discipline, coordination, and confidence, it will also improve your physical strength. Both the upper and lower body are exhausted and used, even in acro classes for beginners Since there are aerial stunts and other routines, expect your body muscles to be worked up. It strengthens your core and muscles in acro dance classes to be able to support yourself in the long run. The acro classes for beginners will help you in these aspects even when you do not notice it.

#3 Improves Flexibility and Balance

Since it is a mix of many disciplines such as ballet and modern dance, it increases your flexibility and balance with acro dance classes. Just like strength improvement, your flexibility and balance would improve in time, and before you even know it. Every acro class would require great discipline to learn choreographies and master techniques on acro bars.

#4 Boost Confidence

Learning dance steps, various routines, and difficult choreographies help boost one’s confidence through acro dance classes. All dance styles are different in their own right. However, one common thing when it comes to these kinds of art is that they all help the student feel good about themselves by expressing their passion. The satisfaction with every right step and finished choreographies are enough reasons to be confident about one’s self and talents. Thus, enrolling in acro classes for beginners in an early stage may help build confidence early on.

#5 Coordination

As it helps improve your flexibility, balance, and overall strength, it also definitely helps with your body coordination. We know that acro dance is made up of different styles of dances thus making the choreography harder than it looks like. Acro classes for beginners aim to improve one’s coordination to ensure that acro dance would be a breeze and an enjoyable experience for the learner. It helps your hand, foot, and even brain coordination when you apply and execute the steps taught in the acro dance classes.

The acrobatic elements which are jumping, cartwheeling, backbending,chest stands, handsprings, and hand walking are what contributed greatly to the coordination improvement. Without proper body coordination, doing these stunts may cause injuries.

#6 Self-Expression

Any time of art serves as an outlet for people who engage in it. Just like acro dance classes, it may serve as an outlet for people to express themselves and their feelings in an indirect manner. Through the intricate and complicated dance moves taught in these classes, one may be able to express himself or herself perfectly. A creative and supportive environment like the acro dance class is a refreshing way to express one’s self.

One might even be able to express himself or herself in a way that they can never do in a verbal manner. There are many benefits to enrolling in acro classes for beginners. However, this one might be one of the most important as it also helps with mental health by allowing the dancer to express their mind without actually engaging in a conversation. All these while doing something that they enjoy doing and something that makes them happy.


Have fun and learn with us

We offer acro dance classes for beginners at any age. All you need is the passion to learn something new. Have fun while learning one of the most difficult dance styles. Visit us today at Acrobatic School and enroll in your first class.