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As human beings, we always crave new things. We want to engage in new adventures to continue the process of learning even after attending the academy. While as parents, we want our children to learn new things as they grow old. We know that constant learning is not just confined in the classrooms. There are also worthwhile and meaningful activities outside the sciences taught in school. That is why there are many extra activities offered to enhance these skills. There are new sports and various styles of arts waiting to be discovered.

At any given age, deciding that we want to venture into new skills and hobbies is a big step. Even deciding on our children’s new summer activity is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

This is because these activities would have you invest your time and savings but also because we would instill a significant amount of energy and effort when learning. That is why when trying to learn or acquire new skills, take the most effective way. The most advisable way of doing this is to learn from a professional in that field.

For example, if you want to learn acro dance, then looking for an acro dance studio is the first step. In acro dance classes, you would be able to track your progress. In addition, you will have a support system in learning.


What is acro dance?

Acrobatics or acro is a great new hobby since it is a form of art with many benefits. It is a beautiful dance technique that originated in many dance forms like ballet, jazz, and modern contemporary movements. Acro dance requires great discipline, determination, and physical and mental strength to be perfected. It may be a long learning process in an acro dance studio.

However, acquiring this new skill possesses a lot of benefits. For example, since it is a technique that has intricate and complicated movements, it pushes your body to be flexible and coordinated. It also physically makes your body stronger as it requires you to do aerial stunts. Your body is being shaped as you go on regular training in acro dance classes. With these, it is important to find the best fit acro dance studio for you. This is important to avoid wasting time, energy, and money. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through the basic things to consider before enrolling in an acro dance studio.

Things to consider before enrolling in an acro dance studio

#1 Background and reviews

One of the easiest things to look for in an acro dance studio is its background. You can check when it was established as years of service can be a great indication of what type of service they offer. Checking which events they regularly join is also one way of checking if their acro dance classes are effective. Acro dancers usually join events such as acro competitions to showcase their students’ talents. When an acro dance studio wins awards from these competitions, that is a good sign that they would be a great instrument in your learning.

Although, you must remember that this is not everything. It is just something that can be factored in while looking for the perfect acro dance classes. You can always take into account the reviews from their former students as to how they handle and treat past clients. There is no better way to know your prospect acro dance studio than the anecdotes of its former clients.

#2 Registration and Legal Requirements

When it comes to the technical aspect, business registrations and other legal requirements are what you should look for. Acro dance is not an ordinary dance style. It requires you to do dangerous stunts such as aerial moments and backflips.

It is better to be safe and enroll with a registered and legally acknowledged acro dance studio than have regrets in the end. Having the necessary business registrations means that they have passed the basic requirements of offering acro dance classes in your city or town. Being registered can vouch for how they handle their students. You should never enroll in an acro dance studio that cannot present legal documents.

Along with these, you can also check the certificates or licenses of their acro dance classes teachers. These individuals are the ones who will look after your progress and safety as you learn the complicated techniques of acro dance. You don’t want to put your safety in the hands of someone that has no experience in acro. Certificates or licenses prove that they know what they are doing and can handle you in acro dance classes.

#3 Studio design and equipment

When it comes to the acro dance studio itself, there are also factors to consider. Even if they are registered and have a good background when it comes to competitions, the physical appearance of the studio is also an important factor. Make sure that the studio is something that you are comfortable in conducting the acro dance classes. It should be a place that you safely enjoy learning acro dance in.

The equipment in the acro dance studio should also be at par because this can also affect your safety. Especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, the cleanliness of this equipment should be the top priority.

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The process of learning something new might be vigorous. It is hard to find the perfect studio and perfect environment that best fits you. However, in Acrobatic School, we provide you the best learning experience. With high-quality equipment, licensed instructors, and a fun and supportive environment, you would be dancing acro in no time.