What some of our Circus School students did.

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I am a professional fire performer and hula Hooper – I live from performing. I did teach all the skills myself and in workshops.

I would like to deepen my skills in handstand, I am just starting to get the feeling of balancing, and I would like to learn more the variations of handstands. Additionally I am interested in a regular training in all acrobatic disciplines, especially floor acrobatics. I am working a lot on my back flexibility and bridges…. I am looking forward to learn in a group and to exchange and learn skills from each other. I started to learn aerial lyra one year ago and from this time my strength and flexibility did grow, I enjoy more and more to work with the body and to do regular training, I am discovering that I can do more and that I am improving in handstands and cartwheel and other body exercises since I am working on strength and flexibility. I am very happy to improve my splits and flexibility. I know very well that it is quite late to start in my age with serious circus career, although I am very happy with the shows I do and I would like to improve those with acrobatic skills. I am looking for a regular intense training, and also I am very interested in stage presence classes and clowning.


I have trained a physical theatre performer and intermediate level in acrobalance. I am attended few Capoeira workshop and trained in stage fighting for two days on 2012

I have recently performed a movement/dance piece called featherweight in a boxing ring in Liverpool in November 2013

I want to learn more skills, work on my flexibility, be disciplined, meet new people from the field of acrobatics and have fun.



I’ve instructed and directed flying trapeze and aerial arts classes as well as occasionally performing aerial and sideshow acts.

To learn as many of the skills you offer as possible and to grow as an acrobat and performer.

Become a stronger performer physically and mentally and implement these skills into my comedy routine


I practised fire juggling as amateur and professional.

Flying trapeze as professional in “Port Bourgenay – France”. Show every Sunday night.

And I did many show there in fire and dance. In this training for two years. We were a lot of circus people so we started work about acrobatics and balance all together as amateur.

I finished the training to be circus school teachers, I had bad issues with one of the exams so I have to wait one more year. After so much intensive circus things, want to make a show in juggling and acrobatic stuff. I have one year to continue to prepare myself. Alone here in Montluçon to practice, I’m looking for something in Europe in the next weeks. So I expect from this course to meet people, prepare my body and my mind by an intensive way, and share ideas… I travelled a lot and that’s why I choose to do it in Europe and not in France.


For a long time I have been looking for a course like this to increase my fitness, learn new skills and have fun! I would like to become stronger and more specifically increase my upper body strength.  In recent months I have realised that my body is capable of so much more than I had thought! I want to build on this and experience new ways of moving and training my body.  I am so excited at the thought of learning from the experts and really pushing and challenging my mind and body every day on this course.  My body has much to teach me and I want to explore other ways of facilitating this learning 😉


I have just started to perform hula hooping at private and corporate events – including most recently by Bristol City Council for Make Sundays Special throughout the summer. I have been teaching regular classes and one off workshops round the country in hula hooping since January. I would like to be able to incorporate acrobatics into my hooping routines.

I would like to improve my acrobatic skill, knowledge, strength, stamina and flexibility. I am also keen to learn how to incorporate physical theatre into my acts. I would like to go to a preparatory circus school in France next year so I am hoping that this course will help me build the necessary skills. I am hoping to be a performer who does acrobatic hooping – so one day can hula hoop on my foot whilst holding a handstand!


To improve the articulation in my body to help with physical comedy/clowning. To improve in the basic acrobatics I have picked up from school. It is not an expectation, but I have a goal to aim to do a somersault or backflip unassisted!!! :)


I have started to incorporate acrobatics into my performance usually as part of a juggling ore fire piece as a final BIG trick.

I have specialized as a base mainly because I have good strength and balance and because I am a bit heavier than most of the other people I train with.

I want to become more confident as a base and acrobat learnt some more intermediate and advanced moves and get a really good understanding of the body and its support structures so that I can better train beginners and new partners to try new moves. It would also be a wonderful opportunity to meet like-minded artists and performance for networking and collaborative means


Any dance experience I have had has been within the structures of university performance. I have not applied for any work in performance as I believe I need a concentrated focus and strength in the skill before I endeavour to work in the industry.

I expect to gain an understanding and practice of necessary preparatory training (exercise and conditioning techniques) needed for serious, professional training in acrobatics. I expect to either complete or be significantly more capable of executing gymnastic, acrobatic skills than when I arrive at the start of the eight weeks. I expect trainers to provide a nurturing environment where respect is key in my goals and in my learning, considering my age and lack of experience in this field. I expect to not be discriminated against because of these factors with regard to my goals of entering a professional circus training programme. Having said all of this, I must outline that I am completely open to feedback concerning my goals in relation to my age and current skill. I am aware that I have a hard road ahead of me to reach that goal, but am hopeful that the coaches on this programme can guide me, and if I am lucky enough, hopefully I will find a mentor in them also. I hope to use this course as preparation for my auditions in summer 2014 for a 2 yrs course in Contemporary Circus in Flic Scuola di Circo, Torino, Italy.

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