Class February 2016

What Our Students Say

Pierre Vigie (France)
For the work that i wanted to do and the people that i wanted to work with as an actor, acrobatics and tumbling was some really important skills to add to my cv, but as a completely beginner i was a bit scared of where to train and how. I decided to start my training at Polichinelo circus and it was one of the best decision that i took in my life, i was coming from a completely beginning background and I’m now able to do so many things that i wasn't even expected. The space is amazing, they got the best equipment to improve quickly, the coaching is great, really professional, and I learned every single move step by step with a good spotting until I found the commitment and the courage to do it by myself. This course is brilliant, not only because of the training, you can meet so many new friends; it's really fun to train with people from all around the world during 8 weeks. Don't dream about back flick anymore, go for it! Don't judge you, beginner, and improver, whatever, don't be scared you're amazing and this people will prove it! Good luck 🙂

Class September 2015

What Our Students Say

Kami Kaminska (Poland)
I have recently finished the 8 weeks long course offered by Polichinelo Circus School. It was an amazing adventure. I have learnt, not only, a variety of tricks and moves, but also felt how my body was changing and becoming more capable to train and achieve. I'm not a performer. I did it entirely for personal fun and to fulfil childhood dreams, and loved everything that I have learnt and achieved. My interests were primarily tumbling, as I don't have opportunity to train that locally, and the coaching was amazing. I have successfully de-learnt some bad habits, and the way we were taught really suited me - and I'm really quite picky when it comes to teaching styles! I hope to be able to it again in the future.

Class February 2015



What Our Students Say

Bethany-Jo Clews (England)
I thought the course was fantastic. There was no bullshit, we got straight to work and the thing I'm so glad that I've taken from the course
is the passion and drive to keep at it. More than the actual skills I learnt. I'm so pleased with what I learnt on the course but I know I have the
knowledge now to train away, back at my home in Wigan. I thought the coaches all brought something different to Polichinelo Circus.
Everyday since we finished I have been holding handstands against the wall and doing bridge because
I know my walk overs aren't too far away now! I would love to come back and do the course again

Class September 2014

What Our Students Say

Justine Squire (England)
This 8 week course gave me so much! From dynamic duo acro that i longed to do with my partner to getting a walkover that I have wanted all my life! The teaching the discipline the support and the facilities made available together made this an extraordinary course that I would hugely recommend to anyone wishing to further there acrobatic ability. And I wish to thank the coaches who taught me so much and gave me the confidence to really focus and work at this disiplin!

Class January 2014

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