I started circus school

Posted By : animatronico

I started circus school when I was 11 years old. Then I went to a new stage circus school from age 16-19, where I did a lot of trapeze.
I also did a little bit of dance classes, jazz dance, breakdance and 1 year ago I started capoeira.

I have practice partner acrobatics together with my partner for 5 years… We performed in different festivals, events and schools as professional’s artists. We also running a circus school for kids since 2008.

I would like to learn more acrobatics and partner acrobatics and dance.
I would also want to develop as an artist.


I have trained in various circus disciplines from the age of 13 however these were principally manipulation, aerial and equilibristic based. In the early 2000’s I visited a number of overseas circus schools including Circo Para Todos and The Flying Fruit Fly’s, and I took the opportunity to develop my acro balance skills further whilst at these centres. I have on and off over the years attended adult gymnastics classes learning some tumbling. I have also attended Edinburgh Acrobatic and Aerial Convention on a couple of occasions and the British Acrobatic convention earlier this summer, these and other opportunities through one off workshops have allowed me to continue to develop my acro balance training

I would really like to improve on the skills base I already have, I would like to take the tumbling I can do to a level where I am happy to include it in my performances. I would like to build on the strong grounding I already have in acro balance I would also like to push my tumbling on learning new skills and gain a deeper understanding acrobatic movement.

I hope to learn technical skills. It will be a good opportunity to train acrobatics with some discipline. I have learned little bits here and there but always as a tool for theatre so it will be really good to spend 8 weeks focus on acro training. I hope the worship will give me an idea of what circus training implies because it is something I am curious about. I expect it will be difficult and challenging and fun.

I would like to improve my tumbling and acrobatics to supplement my career as a movement artist

CIP course, Greentop, Sheffield 2014 (specialising in acro and aerial)

I continue to train at Greentop, at Drill House in Great Yarmouth and at Cambridge Community Circus.

I continue to practice acrobalance and tumbling with friends in Norfolk.