Gymnastics, parkour, martial arts tricking

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All welcome to learn new skills at Polichinelo circus

Learn new forms of performance and increase my flexibility. Fix up my technique and develop a strict form in my acrobatics training. At the moment my style is indisciplined and falls under a freestyle category. I hope to have a strict form to perform flawless acrobatic moves and work with a team to choreograph beautiful performances

My dream is to work in a theatre company who use circus arts, aerial and acrobatics. I’m a big fan of James Thierrée for example who use a lot of theatre and circus performance for all of his show. I practise Chinese pole during few month because it was my favourite aerial skills. I would love to really improve acrobatics which is very important for me now as an actor, I would like to manage to do a lot of things on the floor in a piece of theatre for example. My teacher of Rope Gonzalo suggest me your training and I really think it can help me. I’m a beginner in acrobatics, I’m not flexible, and I work hard for it! I’m very motivated and hard worker. I really think this training is what I really need for what I would love to be able to do in the future.

I’m keen to build on the skills I’ve recently learnt at the National Centre for Circus Arts, but in a more intensive way. My career goal is to devise dynamic, high energy performances that combine physical theatre and circus, and this course looks ideal for providing me with the foundations for doing so. I’m interested in not only learning acrobatic moves, but how to use them in creating an act.

I work as a professional acrobat with my acro partner. We perform adagio/hand to hand/duo aerial silks/duo static trapeze/hoop/stilt walking/and fire performances

What are your expectations from the course?

An intensive course that will be able to challenge me help me to become a better performer

Pole dancing since 6 months, hip hop as a child.
I’m doing tight rope walking, a bit of fire staff dancing and I am very flexible.
I will start taking trapeze and aerial classes in Australia next month.

Since childhood I love dancing and movement. I was always strong, flexible and a fast learner.

Next year in summer I will apply for circus and acting school either in the UK or in Berlin and I would like to attend a course to learn, expand my knowledge in this area and prepare myself for the studies.

After 4 years of traveling I found out, that nothing makes me happier then art, dance and expression through movement and I am expecting a great opportunity to set foot into this world.

Professional Aerialist and Fire Performer trained in the UK and NYC

only a short 6 week (one evening a week) course in Acrobatics last year.

Only Aerial and Fire performance experience as well as Stage.

Professional work with a Circus as a Performer and instructor in the UK and the USA

Being able to get more floor based skills to corporate into my personal Acts and cast ability.

e.g. been working on walk overs for a while now, hope to be able to get those amongst other new skills.

I did gymnastics from ages 7-12 (not competitively), and then contemporary dance from 12-17. I started learning some circus manipulation skills and escapology until 2011 when I met Owen Gaynor and began training and performing acrobalance and doubles walking globe.

I want to improve my overall level of fitness. I want to be able to backflip confidently (have almost got there but never enough to perform). I want to improve hand to hand with partner, something we have been working towards for a while! I want to try being a base to a smaller flyer.

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