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Student’s expectations before our acrobatic courses start

I have some personal goals that I would like to achieve, (which I have been attempting on my own), that I feel would add considerably to my
performances. These are my front and back walkovers. I would also like to increase my strength and flexibility overall and believe the course can offer this opportunity. Everything else is a bonus if I can achieve it and I will certainly be trying as hard as I can to do this with all the enthusiasm I have.

I have no official training but I have been a dedicated hula hoop artist for 6 years. I also regularly go to the gym to work on my flexibility. I have lots of performance experience. My main job is as a street performer in Leeds, where I perform my living statue act with a hula hoop routine.
I do intermittent stage shows with my band which is my favourite performance, opportunity doing a multi hoop act as well as performing side show fire acts too.
I also perform regularly for circus agencies doing all manner of “multi-skilled” entertainment. (Hoop, poi, fans, fire, stilts, angle grind, dancing etc.)
For the past two years I have also been attending gymnastics and parkour classes but with work popping up here and there I haven’t been able to commit regularly. A year ago I learnt an aerial and have been able to incorporate it into dance routines and in September 2012 I managed a standing back tuck, since achieving this back tuck I went on tour with Rogue Play theatre and now need to build up my confidence and technique again.

I am a physical performer and work as a contemporary dancer and aerialist. Most recently I completed a national tour of an adaptation of Lorca’s Blood Wedding with Rogue Play Theatre (a circus theatre company based in Birmingham). I have also performed in large scale commercial projects such as the opening ceremony of the champion’s league final and the closing ceremony of the Paralympic games.

Yes I’ve been involved in circus for over 12 years, performing aerial (silks, hoop, trapeze, web, clouds wing, harness) for about 8 years. I was part of an acrobalance duo for a couple of years. In my teens I competed professionally in aggressive inline skating (half pipe and street skating.) Now I do some basic acro on roller-skates and the gigs I get are probably evenly split between stilt walking, fire, aerial and roller-skating.

Learn Partner’s acrobaticsI really loved the two day course I did with you guys last year, and have been desperate to do more since then. I was amazed that I was back on the tumble track doing round off flicks on the first day and would absolutely love to do more and more. If I could do an unassisted round off flick back somersault by the end of the 8 weeks I’d be very happy. Doing walkovers with Anita made me actually believe they might be possible on my own one day, even with my rock solid shoulders! So they would be a major goal. And I’ve been doing quite a bit of trampolining but I know that with the opportunity to work with Marcelo the progression would be way bigger. I’d also like to work on some more acrobatics on roller-skates if possible, but even if it’s not I think that strengthening everything will help loads anyway. I guess my main expectation is that it will be lots of fun!

My expectations of the course is to learn body balance, body stretching and different kinds of salto in trampoline and ground mostly. I do roller blading and I’m very interested in hip hop dance and break dance. I see this course as an opportunity to help me improve my performance in the activities I mentioned before.


No specific gymnastics, I’ve done martial arts as a teen including kick boxing, ju jitsu boxing and tai chi

Then have done a few months of parkour training in Liverpool and 4 months or so of capoeira.

I’m pretty proficient at the small amount of basic tumbling I know, cartwheels, round offs and monkey flips

I want to improve my tumbling, and expand my range to include aerials, back handsprings + flak flak, flares + air flares. Kick the moons, wall flips etc. and anything else I can learn.

I then want to experiment with working these moves into a routine with props, I spin poi, staff and double staff, and would like to put together an acrobatic routine I can eventually perform with fire

I definitely want to participate in acro balance and learning new skills, but I have definite goals I want to accomplish


When I was 10 years old I joined a local youth circus (Miloco, Leiden). I preferred globe walking and partner/group acrobatics.
At 17 years old I started teaching at this youth circus one day a week to children from 7 up to 15 years old. Twice a year I helped creating acts for the show the children performed.
At this time I also started training for myself more.
Now I’m 21 and have been training at several places in the Netherlands:
-Diedom, Utrecht
-Circaso, Den Haag
-Noël Spauwen, Nijmegen & Mikofalva (Hungary)
-Dutch acrobatics festivals
I’ve always done partner acrobatics but since a year I’m working on my handstand and would love to learn some floor tumbling.

Up until now I’ve only been training as an amateur, but I want to become a professional. I hope to join a circus school in the Netherlands (either Tilburg or Rotterdam), I’ll be doing auditions in April and May 2015

Improving general condition, flexibility and strength.
Basics of floor tumbling
Prepare myself for the auditions for circus schools in Holland

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