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Our circus School Acrobatic courses and backgrounds.

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I’ve started gymnastics a half year ago (just free training) and practised acrobatics at many conventions amateur  tissue show  I am English but I think I’ll be able to follow the course.

For a long time I wanted to learn a back handspring and a free cartwheel (and a lot more) and do some kind of intensive training. I’m looking forward to practise with a teacher because most I’ve trained on my own and improve very slow due to it. I expect to have a lot of fun and meet interesting people!

This month I will also be performing in a university assessment for which I choreographed an entire aerial cabaret show involving silks

I did ballet once a week from the ages of 2-12 years. This included performing in the yearly shows.

Aerial acrobatics and pole club (Polz Apart) three times a week where I practised aerial hoop and silks. I did 4 weekends of Flying Trapeze for the short course with Gorilla Circus.

I played the part of Lady Montague in a performance of Romeo and Juliet for the National Youth Theatre’s Shakespeare Schools Festival.

Had the role of a Lovely Lady and was in the chorus of my school’s production of Les Misérables. This included dancing.

Attended theatre club at school, where I performed improvisation and short pieces created through collaboration with others.

Whilst in Guides I performed in a song and dance production called “Showtime” which was put on for a week at the Mayflower Theatre Southampton and we also featured on the television programme Blue Peter.I have not had any experience in acrobatics apart from doing gymnastics when I was younger       I trained at Circomedia during 2005-6 and left with basic acrobalance and acrobatic skills.  During the course we also learnt basic ballet and contemporary dance skills.  I have also completed short courses in eccentric dance, handstands (with Sainna and Jesse and Marike), and acrobalance (Jesse and Marrike and Dutch Paul), as well as various clowning courses with Mick Barnfather, Gerry Flanigan, Angela De Castro and Peta Lilly.I have, over the last year, been attending some adult gymnastic classes in Brighton and semi-regular handstand classes in Bristol. Currently a 3rd year on Dance with Aerial Performance at Edge Hill University.Currently a 3rd year on Dance with Aerial Performance at Edge Hill University.I have taken ballet since the age of 3, and contemporary since 14.Trained in aerial skills such as bungee, vertical wall, hoop, silks and trapeze for 2 years.Pole dance has also helped with gaining strength required for acrobatics.

For 5 years I competed in my school trampolining team.

I have had a few years of independent training based on Circus Arts so i am able to juggle 3,4 and 5 and ride a unicycle, roll bolla and walking globe. I am currently studying on the CIP course at Green top Circus and doing acrobatic training there, I am thoroughly enjoying the course and hope to learn even more by progressing through extra training and future courses.
I have been learning aerial silks with Black and Blue aerial for 3 years in Liverpool and am currently doing the 3 month Circus in Performance course at Greentop in Sheffield. I did a bit of gymnastics when I was very young but not that much. I have attended a clown workshop with Clown Lab in Salford and a character comedy workshop with Mick Barnfather in London. I have a first Class degree in Drama and Screen Studies from John Moores University and I hope to be partaking in most of the physical fest workshops in Liverpool in May this year. I have done some one off workshops with Casus circus and No Fit State.


Gymnastics as a child, dance as a teenager, acrobalance training as flyer and doubles walking globe with Owen Gaynor @ The Circus House Manchester 2011-2013, 1 week coaching with Adrian Porter  Circus Space, aerial training with Vicki Amedume with Upswing London 2014.

Aerial skills including silks and static trapeze since January 2013. I have also tried Aerial hoop and Chinese Pole.

Dance since September 2012. I began with a term of Hip Hop then Jazz. But it is not until I found Contemporary dance Release and Contact last year that I found the joy of dance. I have also tried a range of styles since then including Tap, Jive, Lindy Hop, and African.

I’ve been dancing since age 6 mostly creative contemporary & contact improvisation, started b-boyin’ age 15, BA(Hons) Dance Theatre from Laban ’99-’02, started training Capoeira in ’99; received my 1st instructors cord in 2006, 2nd instructor cord 2008, 3rd instructor cord 2013 with Capoeira Dança da Liberdade;& direçāo: Mestre Guimba, have attended some tumbling classes at Park Rd Gym

I was a childhood dancer, gymnast (age 4-7) and competitive swimmer. Swimming took the forefront from 1994-1999 as I reached national finalist level, training 25hours per week. I attended a variety of dance classes from 1999 in modern, ballet, and tap dance and was a class support teacher for ballet age 3-4yrs. I ventured into self-practice Ashtanga Yoga, circus skills, Poi and Hoop Dance from 2005 to now. Last year I attended day intensives in Acrobatics and Acrobatic Yoga. I am currently exploring the principles of the Axis Syllabus and contemporary floor work with the addition of props. I am also a fully qualified nurse with an extensive understanding of anatomy and physiology.

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