Circus Course in the UK Acrobatics, Acrobalance and Acroyoga

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Polichinelo Circus Acrobatic Course

Is a skill based course, you come here if you are a beginner and have no experience at all we will help you to gain skills and confidence step by step if you already have skills we will develop your skills to a high level, many former students from Polichinelo Circus Acrobatic Course have successfully being accepted in other Circus schools in the UK and other parts of Europe and we had many students who joined Polichinelo circus because they failed to get places in some longer circus courses that need audition and a high standard skills levels and after taking our Acrobatic Course and re-auditioning on the same circus schools were “accepted” Polichinelo Circus it’s the leader Acrobatic School for adults in Europe. After the course if required we provide an Acrobatic Course competition letter certification to be presented when applying to other institutions. There is no evaluation or marks we use goal settings planned and agreed as acrobatics is not the same as academic studies, the progressions and results are obvious from not be able to do a back flick to  be able to do a unsupported back flick. To get work in circus and acrobatics business paperwork is useless even if you have a circus degree it don’t count to nothing if you can’t do the skills stated in your papers as an example if you have a document saying that you are an acrobat and you can’t do any kind of somersaults you are not to get a job as an acrobat and this is a bottom line. The only way any circus qualification would help anyone is if the person want to become a circus teacher in the future but saying that the experience is still more important than papers as there is no organization in the world as yet that prepare circus teachers. Polichinelo Circus Acrobatic Course give you the skills to start a career in the acrobatics business, we have been running acrobatic courses in Europe since 1996 and we’re proud to say that many of our former students are now working as professional acrobats, some become acrobatic teachers in other circus schools, run workshops, circus and acrobatic agents and some even become circus owners to name but just few.

The aim of our course is to prepare you and to give the skills needed to move in any direction that you desire when you need acrobatics skills and knowledge.