basic acrobatics, some trampolining, flying trapeze experience

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basic acrobatics, some trampolining, flying trapeze experience I would like to learn how to move my body whilst in the air, in particular front and back tucks with rotations, and build up my knowledge of acrobatics. I believe this skill will transfer well to flying trapeze, chinese pole and other circus disciplines interests: flying trapeze instructor, circus skills instructor for youth Want to get back my

5 Days TUMBLING workshop with Marcelo de Ramos 2018

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 Polichinelo Circus will be providing Beginners TUMBLING Training January 2018. Training Times is from Monday to Friday 9:30am to 2:30pm Tumbling Coaches in the workshop: Marcelo de Ramos, Master Acrobat from the Brazilian National Circus and British Gymnastics, Tumbling Gymnastics , Trampoline Gymnastics , Acrobatics Gymnastics  and Freestyle Gymnastics  Coach. Jordan Ramos, 5 Times British Gymnastics Tumbling Champion, Champion in 2 world cups, INTERNATIONAL LOULÉ CUP in

Circus Course in the UK Acrobatics, Acrobalance and Acroyoga

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Polichinelo Circus Acrobatic Course Is a skill based course, you come here if you are a beginner and have no experience at all we will help you to gain skills and confidence step by step if you already have skills we will develop your skills to a high level, many former students from Polichinelo Circus Acrobatic Course have successfully being accepted in other Circus schools in

Learning back flicks fast

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[embed][/embed] Pierre Joined Polichinelo Circus Acrobatic Course without any previous  Acrobatic Experience and you can see Pierre’s Journey in  the 8 weeks training program, and achieving his goals of doing unsupported Back Flicks and Back Somersaults, if you ever dreamed in become an acrobat you now can make your dreams come true. The Fees for the 8 weeks training program is £1100 and the course take

Circus courses students Back ground

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Our circus School Acrobatic courses and backgrounds. Case study   I’ve started gymnastics a half year ago (just free training) and practised acrobatics at many conventions amateur  tissue show  I am English but I think I’ll be able to follow the course. For a long time I wanted to learn a back handspring and a free cartwheel (and a lot more) and do some kind of

What some of our Circus School students did.

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I am a professional fire performer and hula Hooper – I live from performing. I did teach all the skills myself and in workshops. I would like to deepen my skills in handstand, I am just starting to get the feeling of balancing, and I would like to learn more the variations of handstands. Additionally I am interested in a regular training in all acrobatic disciplines,

circus school in the UK – courses for adults in acrobatics

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Student’s expectations before our acrobatic courses start I have some personal goals that I would like to achieve, (which I have been attempting on my own), that I feel would add considerably to my performances. These are my front and back walkovers. I would also like to increase my strength and flexibility overall and believe the course can offer this opportunity. Everything else is a bonus if

Gymnastics, parkour, martial arts tricking

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All welcome to learn new skills at Polichinelo circus Learn new forms of performance and increase my flexibility. Fix up my technique and develop a strict form in my acrobatics training. At the moment my style is indisciplined and falls under a freestyle category. I hope to have a strict form to perform flawless acrobatic moves and work with a team to choreograph beautiful performances My dream

I started circus school

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I started circus school when I was 11 years old. Then I went to a new stage circus school from age 16-19, where I did a lot of trapeze. I also did a little bit of dance classes, jazz dance, breakdance and 1 year ago I started capoeira. I have practice partner acrobatics together with my partner for 5 years… We performed in different festivals, events