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Sports is a good way for the body to exercise. It is also an enjoyable way to re-energize the body to improve one’s health.

Many people prefer different types of sports. Some prefer game sports such as basketball and volleyball. Some prefer marathons and martial arts. A good sport that you can try is acrobatics. Similar to martial arts, you can learn acrobatics by taking acro classes for beginners.

Acrobatics has become a popular sport all over the world. There are many acrobatic tournaments where professional acrobats join. In fact, acrobatics have become a major sport, even at the Olympic level. Singapore has several acrobatic school options. However, before starting to learn the sport, you need to know what acrobatic is and why you should learn it.

What is acrobatics?

Acrobatics is a type of performance sport that showcases extraordinary human abilities in balancing, agility, and motor skill coordination.

Acrobatics techniques, taught in acro classes for beginners, can be used in other activities such as dancing and ballet. They can as well be utilized in other sports such as slacklining, water diving, and aerobatics. Aside from sporting events, acrobatics is also showcased in performing arts events and even martial arts tournaments.

Acrobatics is often referred to as gymnastics. However, there is a difference between the two performance sports. Acrobatics uses many gymnastics techniques that are taught in an acrobatic school. However, it focuses more on body contortion and tricks that are gravity-defying. On the other hand, gymnastics is executed in straight lines.

Why learn acrobatics

Some people learn acrobatics in acro classes for beginners thinking it is a cool sport to learn. They are not wrong since the gravity-defying stunts pulled in acrobatics are very impressive. However, acrobatics provides more benefits aside from being able to perform extraordinary stunts. In this section of the article, we’ll give you three reasons why you should learn acrobatics.

#1 – Learn balance and body coordination

Balance and body coordination are important to make the body movements more fluid. Balance refers to the ability to stay upright. It also has a hand in staying in control of your body movement. Coordination, on the other hand, is the ability to move two or more body parts smoothly and efficiently.

Balance and body coordination makes it easy for our bodies to shift around and perform strenuous activities. For example, athletes need balance and body coordination to perform well in the sports they are playing. Moreover, your balance ability and body coordination weaken as you grow older. Thus, learning acrobatics through an acrobatic school can help you sustain your body’s balance and body coordination.

#2 – Build courage and confidence

Acrobatics is not safe to perform especially if you have no prior knowledge or experience of the sport. There are techniques that will have you standing on an unstable platform such as on a rope or another person. Some techniques will even have you suspended in the air for a bit before making a graceful land. This can be frightening which is why many students have trouble executing an acrobatic routine at first. However, you will get over this fear once you learn the techniques in acro classes for beginners. With the help of an experienced acrobatic school teacher, you can gain confidence in executing each stunt.

#3 – Execute with grace and poise

Acrobatics is a performance sport that will require you to execute extraordinary stunts. However, these stunts are not just performed in any way you like. This means that this should not be executed carelessly. It should be done with grace and poise. That is because acrobatics is also a form of expressive art. That is why it needs to showcase the beauty in every stunt performed. Acrobats should maintain control of their bodies for the stunt to not look messy. If you take acro classes for beginners, you will be taught how to move with power and grace.

Advantages of taking acro classes for beginners

#1 – Learn acrobatics safely

As mentioned, acrobatics is a relatively dangerous sport that requires proper training to be able to execute it. Many acro experts don’t recommend beginners to learn acrobatics all by themselves. They also should not practice any acrobatic routine without the supervision of an expert. They also warn performing acrobatics at home with no sufficient safety equipment. If you enrol in an acrobatic school, you will be taught by a certified acrobatics instructor. These mentors know how to minimize the risks and accidents as they teach you the proper acrobatic techniques. Each acrobatic school is also complete with safety equipment to prevent injuries while practicing.

#2 – Excellent transition to dancing

Acrobatics can develop a body’s core strength, spine flexibility, and control aside from balance and body coordination. These elements are vital in dancing. That is why many aspiring dancers enrol in an acrobatic school to be able to develop these elements. Some professional dancers take acro classes for beginners. This is so they can employ the acrobatic stunts in their dance routine. Thus, they will be able to perform more impressively.

#3 – Improve athletic performance

As stated earlier, acrobatic techniques are also used in various sports such as skydiving. Furthermore, athletes study at an acrobatic school to improve their agility. They also aim to improve their spine’s strength and flexibility. Their body core is also enhanced when they perform acrobatic routines. This is so they can move more fluidly and be efficient in their sport.

Learn acrobatics with Acrobatic School

As you can see, acrobatics is a great sport to learn. Both adults and kids will have fun as they take acro classes for beginners. They can also benefit greatly in body movement and health. Are you thinking of enrolling in an acrobatic school? Here at Acrobatic School, we can turn acrobatic beginners into professional acrobats. Enquire with us today on our acro classes for beginners.